VH. Residence

  • Brugge
  • Photography / Thomas De Bruyne

Due to the turbulent impact of time and nature, a sixteenth-century mansion lost its grandeur along the way. The challenge became to uncover the majestic monument once again and allow the heritage to dialogue with contemporary architecture.

The residence, with an impressive area of 2,100 m2, consists of a three-story historic building and two new annexes. In order to maintain a clear overview of the multiplicity of spaces, maximum use was made of beautiful, long lines of sight that create an open atmosphere from the kitchen to the office and from the pool to the pool house.

At the same time, the home looks cozy and intimate. The streamlined spaces flow seamlessly from the warmly hued, old part to the subdued bedrooms and the fresh, elegant outbuildings to the brutalist garage. These contrasts never fray through a play of soft curves, symmetry and a well thought-out use of color and materials. Limited per room for a quiet overall experience, but also luxurious and warm, from the Verde Patricia marble to the dark ceiling beams.

The details underline the richness. The heritage was given back its luster by a great team of craftsmen, and new additions give it a contemporary beauty. The mosaic and terrazzo floor, the conservatory, the colorful stained glass, but also the meters high, arched windows, the bronze fireplace, the play of light and shadow of the claustra: walking through this city palace is an experience.