• Drongen
  • In progress

A refreshing reconciliation of two styles: this listed farmhouse was given a contemporary extension.

The warm-toned plank formwork of the brutalist annexe adds a sharper edge to the rustic, cosy heritage section. From the farmhouse, you walk into the new volume, where the open kitchen and sitting area are located. The large glass windows, surrounded by the same wooden block frames as the farmhouse, ensure maximum light and visibility. The façade-wide, low bench invites you to sit outside in the sun all year round.

Since the connection with nature and the pond is essential, the living room is located two steps below, at the same level as the water. This warm, cosy space faces south, resulting in a whimsical reflection of the water inside. The corner window offers a different experience compared to the kitchen window: the former aims at imparting a sense of security while the latter, with its wide view, whets one’s enthusiasm and appetite while cooking.